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Welcome to my blog!

This weblog is my online journal. You'll find my opinions on a variety of topics as well as links to other things on the web that I find interesting. When the spirit moves me, I may also include longer essays.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Carolina Spring
Welcome to the Blue Heron Bed and Breakfast and Hartzog Pottery.  Terry is the innkeeper, I (Raine) am the potter, and Rex is our most beloved border collie.  Spring in the Carolinas is a season of fresh starts - waves of daffodils, irises, azaleas, and rhododendrons and cool mornings followed by warm sun-filled afternoons. 
Terry is celebrating the new season with a newly remodeled common room for guests here at the B&B.
Yesterday, I drove to Shelby to attend a wonderful pottery workshop on British slipware with Hannah McAndrews and Doug Fitch.  So now I'm excited about some fresh ideas - many new concepts to incorporate into my ceramic designs.
This weekend, we hosted guests in both our B&B rooms.  They started the day with a fresh fruit medley garnished with lemon balm from the garden and eggs to order, hash browns, bacon, and toast, juice and coffee - all served on the dinnerware that I made here in my studio.  The plate of Aunt Beulah's cinnamon bread was a hit and the leftovers left with the guests who boarded their boat at the dock for a relaxing day on Lake Norman.  Rex enjoyed playing ball with the guests and escorted them to the pier for their sendoff.
The Blue Heron B&B on Lake Norman is located lakeside in Denver, North Carolina.  We have two rooms - The Bonnie and The Bessie - named after our grandmothers.  My family made pots here in Lincoln County in the 1800s.  I continue the family tradition but my style is anything but traditional.  My pottery business is named after the Hartzog/Hartsoe potters.
I look forward to sharing our experiences as innkeeper and potter and highlighting our neighborhood, state, local restaurants as well as my pottery journey.  And through it all, Rex is constantly at our side, trying to instill some order in our lives, and of course providing unconditional love to the innkeeper and the potter.
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B&B Common Room

Fresh Fruit for Breakfast

Breakfast on Raine's Dinnerware

Blue Heron Rhodie

Gas Kiln in the Background

Azaleas in Full Bloom

Blue Iris

British Slipware Workshop

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