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Regular readers of my blog will want to know who I am, and this is the place to tell them.

My info

A native of western Lincoln County, NC, I am a descendant of David Hartzog (Hartsoe), a Catawba Valley potter.  My work is thrown, hand carved, and fired in my home studio in Denver, NC.  I have studied at the Penland School of Crafts with James Watkins, Lana Wilson, and Richard Burkett.  In 2004, was awarded 2nd place with my platter entitled “Cityscape” at the Carolinas Pottery Festival.  I studied with Andrew Litton in Charlotte.  I was awarded a regional artist grant from the Charlotte ASC and studied two months with Cynthia Bringle at Penland.  She most recently served as assistant with James Watkins in his alternative firing class at Penland.

About this blog

Here I'll describe why I started this blog and describe the topics I'm primarily interested in covering in it.


This is my salt kiln.

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